Advantages of media players to play your digital signage presentations onto display screens

Repeat Signage at Velo Restaurants, London
Picture courtesy of Velo Restaurants London, where they use Repeat Signage software to display their healthy menu presentations


Connecting your digital signage software to your display screens

Digital signage systems normally comprise three elements: digital signage software, a computer (media player, Slot-in PC or USB PC) and a display screen, multi-screen video wall or interactive (touch-screen) displays. 

There are systems on the market that combine all three elements, such as a display screen with built-in web-browser HTML software.  Several leading brand display screen manufacturers offer large format display screens which allow a Slot-in PC, either Windows or Android, to be securely stored in the rear of the display screen, thus helping to prevent theft and tampering.  Digital signage software can then be downloaded onto the PC and presentations designed directly onto the display screen.

Repeat Signage software recommend AOPEN digital signage players

AOPEN DE3250S standalone

Repeat Software, developers of Repeat Signage digital signage software, recommend AOPEN, and has used the AOPEN DE3250S media player with Windows Operating System (OS), for a number of years to display presentations onto various manufacturers display screens. Repeat Signage, in daily use in 30 countries, supports interactive (touch-screen) displays. 

AOPEN DE6140 video wall

AOPEN DE6140 for displaying dynamic content on video walls

When it comes to displaying digital signage presentations onto video walls, AOPEN has a media player solution with four HDMI outputs to drive up to four independent Full HD screens, with high performance support for Ultra HD resolution, making it ideal for large public displays and video walls.

AOPEN's range of media players are small factor, which makes them ideal to integrate into a kiosk or Point of Sale (POS) system, or simply mount behind a display screen. They guarantee 24/7 operability, have low power consumption and pass shock and vibration tests. Some of their devices are fanless making them ideal for tough environments or for installation in moving vehicles. 

For added security, AOPEN produce OPS Slot-in PC's, designed to slot into the rear of large professional display screens house a PC Slot.

AOPEN's current range of digital signage players can be viewed online at their website
AOPEN WB5100 OPS Slot-in PC for digital signage applications

Advantages of AOPEN digital signage players

  • Major electronics manufacturer
  • World leading providers of applied business solutions
  • Specialising in digital signage from hardware to software and services
  • All media players built with excellence in mind
  • Low power consumption
  • Guarantees 24/7 operability
  • Unique small form factor
  • Passed shock and vibration tests

Repeat Signage Windows based digital signage software

Repeat Signage digital signage software 

Repeat Software Ltd, developed Repeat Signage, a Windows-based digital signage software solution.  As Windows OS is used by millions of businesses across the globe, Repeat Signage customers find it a familiar platform and user-friendly. 

Advantages of Repeat Signage

  • User-friendly profession software
  • Easy-to-use create a presentation in minutes
  • Windows-based familiar to millions of Windows users
  • Supports touch-screens
  • Supports Unicode for display country characters
  • Flexible you can insert wide variety of media
  • In-built spreadsheet, ability to play content from a database (Corporate edition)
  • Schedule your presentations to display at various times of the day and week
  • Standalone, local network and cloud-based editions
  • One licence per PC playing presentations onto 1 display (up to 4 screens for Media Wall edition)
  • Easy to budget with one-time payment so no on-going costs
  • Reliable, in daily use in 30 countries across a wide range of applications and markets
  • Online training videos and help menu
  • Email technical support



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