Advantages of Mini PCs, Ultra Mini PC's or Slot-in PC's  for your digital signage displays

Repeat Signage at Caxton Publishers, Johannesburg, SA
Picture courtesy of Caxton Publishers, South Africa and Repeat Signage software


Solutions for showcasing your digital signage presentations on display screens

A variety of media can be used to promote your business activities on public area display screens. You may wish to display a video, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or a presentation created with digital signage software.   Typically, you connect the computer to a display screen.  This can create problems as to where to house the computer. Fortunately, there are hardware solutions on the market.

Edis mini PC quad core signage players

Edis mini PC signage players

Mini computers, also referred to as media players, such as the Edis Mini PC Signage Player, are small form factor PCs designed to fit behind the display screen, normally in the space between the screen and bracketry.  Some bracket manufacturers even produce brackets with built-in PC holder.   This solution keeps the computer out of sight, thus reducing the risk of tampering or theft.

NEC OPS Slot-in PC

NEC Slot-in PC 

Display screen manufacturers, such as NEC Displays, offer large format display screens for digital signage applications that include an OPS slot for a Slot-in PC.  This also reduces the risk of tampering or theft as the PC is hidden from view.

Edis Ultra mini Windows PC

Edis Ultra mini Windows PC 

Edis Ultra mini PC is a USB Flash drive with a quad core Intel Atom processor and Windows 10, which includes 2Gb memory, 32GB of onboard storage and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.  Plus it has two standard USB ports to connect peripherals, a mini USB port for power and micro SD card slot for additional storage. 

This turns any touch screen, monitor or TV screen into a powerful PC,  for use with digital signage and supports a wireless keyboard, mouse, microphone and other accessories.

When inserted into the USB port of a display screen, the Edis Ultra mini PC is ideal to download your digital signage software, such as Repeat Signage, where you can easily create your presentation by inserting your logo, pictures, text, RSS feeds, documents etc. to showcase your own activities.

Windows and Android solutions

Edis Android solution 

Edis also supply Mini Android Signage Players, which plug directly into a display screen, and content can be centrally managed from a web interface with support for RSS feeds. It's a matter of choice whether you use Windows or Android.    Google's Android is an open source, Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. Apple have their own iOS used only on Apple devices, such as the iPhone.   Microsoft Windows is a computer operating system (OS) to run on personal computers (PCs).


Edis Audio Visual team up with Stampede Global

Edis AV team up with Stampede Global

The Stampede Global Big Book of AV - Global Dealer Show, held in London in September 2017, was the start of a new cooperation between Edis AV and Stampede Global.

Stampede are stocking a large range of Edis AV products, and showcased Edis products including an HDMI IR Extender, 50W mini stereo amplifier, soundbars for education and meeting rooms, and the Ultra Mini Windows Intel Quad Core PC with Windows 10, 32GB of storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

More than 500,000 classrooms has Edis audio visual products in the UK and Europe, with many more sold in the USA, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Americas. Edis AV sells directly to distributors, who manage their channel of resellers and customers.

Windows based digital signage software

Repeat Signage digital signage software 

Repeat Software Ltd, developed Repeat Signage, a Windows-based digital signage software solution.  As Windows OS is used by millions of businesses across the globe, Repeat Signage customers find it a familiar platform and user-friendly. 

The company offer a choice of updating content, from your local network, from your own website, via .FTP or remotely over the Internet (cloud-based).   Email support, online training videos and an RSS feed creator, are a few of the benefits for Repeat Signage customers who span across 30 countries in a range of diverse signage applications.

Repeat Signage software

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