Digital signage displays warehouse order status and spreadsheet and database content

Repeat Signage at MODAEXPRESS, USA
Picture courtesy of MODAEXPRESS USA, Secaucus, New Jersey, displaying its order status powered by Repeat Signage Corporate app


Repeat Signage at MODAEXPRESS, USA

SUCCESS STORY: MODAEXPRESS USA is a leading business in the Apparel and Accessories industry, providing warehousing and a wide range of back office services to some of the most successful apparel companies in the world. Since establishing in 1993, ModaExpress has proven that a quality service earns customer loyalty and are proud to be recognized today amongst the finest logistic service providers in the fashion distribution industry, an achievement that reflects its commitment to dependability, reliability and innovation.

"We are a 3PL logistics company specializing in E-Commerce, wholesale, retail distribution on behalf of our clients. We use Repeat Signage software to display a KPI dashboard to show the pending status of all orders and in what stage they are in so our employees and top management are always on top of what is going on and can easily react to any delays or other related issues. When our clients visit they are also pleased to see the live data and even estimate the speed of work process." Igor Pestrikov, MODAEXPRESS USA, Secaucus, New Jersey.

Pictures courtesy of MODAEXPRESS USA

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Repeat Signage digital signage software
Repeat Signage Corporate digital signage software displays spreadsheet and database content