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RSS news feeds for marketing and SEO

Did you know you can create RSS news feeds to improve your website marketing and search engine optimisation, and creating an RSS feed is easier than you may think.

What is an RSS news feed?

 You have probably seen ticker-tape type messages on TV news channels where messages of breaking news stories scroll along the bottom of your screen, or for sports programs, the latest football results. These are RSS feeds.

Digital signage (or advertising) display screens can be seen in shopping malls, restaurants, hospital waiting areas, airports and other public areas, and these often have RSS news feeds, whether that be national, local or company news items.

Improve your website for marketing and SEO

However, there are advantages to using an RSS feed and marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of them.

For marketing purposes, you can display an RSS feed on your website to keep visitors updated with your news and encourage sales.

For SEO, in order to get Google and other search engines to take notice of your website, you are expected to allow visitors to engage with you using social media and to allow them to optionally follow you so you can keep them up to date with your news and services.

Many websites, as well as having social media icons, also have an RSS feed icon (second icon from the left.)
RSS feeds

An RSS feed is simply a list of items of news. All the main news websites, such as BBC, CNN or Sky, have a list of the main news items of the day.

Your website RSS news feed

Your organisation will have news about your products or services.   An example is a cake shop your news item could be about special themed cakes:

News item title:  An anniversary cake for the one you love

Description: Order now to avoid disappointment and we'll give you a free red rose and anniversary card

Website page:  (example only)

Date:  30 January

Repeat Signage digital signage software
Repeat Signage, simple to use, yet professional, digital signage software for your display screens includes hosting and updating over the Internet and RSS creation

FREE service for hosting of RSS feeds is a free service where you can create your RSS feeds in an easy way, and with the free account you can download your finished news.xml feed file (or whatever you want to call it), and you can then upload it to your website.  You can visit your account when you want and add and remove items and download again.  Sign up for your free account.

There is also optional paid hosting and a direct publishing system that publishes RSS feeds directly and securely to your website from your mobile phone, allowing 24/7 update, anywhere, anytime. 

You can sign up a for a free account (your details are kept private).