Full HD v Ultra HD

Ultra HD (Ultra High Definition) is one of the most talked about and desirable new technologies on the market. This technology will have a huge effect on how we watch things in the future. This is because Ultra HD delivers by far the most incredible picture quality to date.

Full HD (Full High Definition) resolution has 1920x1080 pixels which is the equivalent of 2.1 megapixels. This is a viewing aspect ratio of 16:9 and gives a widescreen image and is the typical shape of most commercial displays and consumer TVs today.

Ultra HD has four times as many pixels as Full HD (3840x2160) and can deliver stunning picture quality, regardless of screen size.

Traditionally, Full HD images can begin to break up and lose detail on TV screens of 55" or 140cm and above. With an Ultra HD TV, you get incredible resolution allowing you to enjoy uncompromisingly crisp, clear images and text - even when sitting close to the screen.

It will definitely have an effect on business presentations and educational content - especially on a screen that is virtually cinema size.

Ultra HD is the equivalent quality of an 8mp image. Great for images taken via digital cameras, smartphones or even tablets. Plus, if connected to a laptop with the ability to output 4K via HDMI, you can watch videos as well as images in Ultra HD quality. Perfect where detail is everything.

Article courtesy of Toshiba

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Screen resolutions

SD (Standard definition) 640x480
HD (High definition) 1280x720
Full HD 1920x1080
Ultra HD 3840x2160

Toshiba TD-U series of 24/7 4K 3840x2160 resolution Ultra HD (UHD) professional signage displays can show up to 4 separate Full HD inputs simultaneously via split screen. An OPS Slot allows a slot-in PC for displaying signage presentations.

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