Portable PA systems loud enough to be heard across a football pitch


PA Systems mean different things to different people. Ask a supermarket customer services manager what a PA system is and you’ll no doubt be informed it is the public address system they use, where the ALL button (to broadcast across all zones) is pressed and you speak into the microphone and ask a staff member to come to customer services.

A factory worker may think of a hand-held megaphone, which is used to make announcements that have to be heard above the noise of machinery.

School sports day may see the PE teacher using a weather resistant, portable PA system in the school field, to make announcements about the next race or to give instructions to pupils and announce the winners, so that pupils, teachers and parents can hear what is going on.

PA stands for public address

PA stands for public address and simply means you want to announce something to small or large crowds, be it at a school sports day, a village fete, gymkhana event or an air show with a 5,000 crowd.

Anchor specialise in portable PA systems for not only leisure events, military marching bands, airshows and other large public events, but  also include small portable PA systems such as the Anchor RescueMAN for the emergency services such as used by fire fighters, guards on trains and even for corporate companies who want to make announcements to around 100 staff and visitors following fire drill evacuations.

Anchor Bigfoot

Anchor's Beacon and BigFoot, unfold, eliminating the need for a stand.  The Beacon models, with choice of 1 or 2 wireless receivers and DC/MP3 players are in use by the military for crowds of around 2,500, whilst the Anchor BigFoot is ideal for crowds of around 5,000 and can be heard across a football pitch.

Wired or wireless microphones

Portable PA systems normally come with a choice of hand-held microphone, belt pack transmitter with headset microphone or belt pack transmitter with lavalier microphone often referred to as a lapel mic or tie clip mic, and optional stand.

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