Projector mapping for buildings and events

Panasonic at Edinburgh Tattoo
Image courtesy of Panasonic UK


Demand for projector mapping is growing

Over the past three years, the number of projects has grown, driven by the need of a broad range of organisations to respond to the growing sophistication of tech-saturated customers. Projection mapping - once called video mapping - projects images onto any three dimensional surface of any shape or geometry. Usually, this is a building or other structure but equally could be someone dancing on a stage.

In theory, any projector could be used for projection mapping, however, for the most captivating and enthralling results, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution and a high quality lens is required. Projectors that support warping and edge blending enable even great freedom, for example, Panasonic’s PT-DZ21K2 Evo 20,000 lumen projector with WUXGA resolution.

In a white paper produced by Panasonic, the growth areas are light show attractions and media events. 75% of people surveyed, agreed that mapping was being used instead of traditional fireworks. Hartmut Kulessa, European projector Marketing Manager for panasonic, had this to say: “storytelling and advertising go hand-in-hand. Projection mapping gives the creative team a big canvas for stunning visual effects and great possibilities for storyboarding. At the same time, brands can be integrated into the content and be part of the show. Big brands recognise that and funds for big outdoor projects are increasing.”

Our thanks to Panasonic for projection mapping information and images

Tell your story

Projection mapping was used to ‘tell a story’ at the celebrations of 500 years of history at London’s Hampton Court. Success stories for projection mapping include the Biennial Lumiere Festival organised by Durham County Council, estimated to have brought 175,000 visitors to the City of Durham, generating economic benefits of £5.8 million in 2015 and delivering £4.3m of benefit on the previous occasion.

By the time London’s first ever Lumiere festival closed in January 2016, over one million people had experienced 30 light installations, giving a boost to the West End and Kings Cross.

Karlsruhe 300 year anniversary

24 Panasonic projectors were used at the German city of Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary celebrations. I was in Karlsruhe at the time and stood in the palace grounds to marvel at this spectacular story telling event with thousands of other tourists. Awesome!

Panasonic projector mapping at Karlsruhe

Panasonic Space Player

Panasonic Space Player projects onto 3D

Panasonic projection mapping

Panasonic projection mapping

Panasonic large venue projectors

Panasonic projection mapping