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Repeat Signage at ISUSBC
Picture courtesy of Indiana State USBC tenpin bowling club who recommend Repeat Signage software to display tournament information


Indiana State USBC tenpin bowling enhances tournament info with digital signage

SUCCESS STORY: "The initial focus of our digital signage was to display information, such as tournament standings, brackets and sidepot results, advertising of future events, and overall general informative information to the bowlers at our events, in an easy, accurate, timely and professional looking manner. Repeat Signage has exceeded all those goals.

As they attend tournaments and other events, staff can display their Repeat Signage presentations on desktop monitors, large format displays or touch screens. Utilizing the page-turning PDF feature to showcase sample Brackets and Tournament Standings, and the Rotator feature that allows pictures to be scrolled across the screen conveyor-belt style, gives potential customers an opportunity to view information for themselves, especially useful when staff are talking to other customers. This also embraces the Company's use of digital and mobile opportunities.

We formed a technology team two years ago consisting of seven team members. This team has accomplished many projects including integrating Repeat Signage software into our tournaments which has exceeded our expectations in meeting a need to share real time information with our bowlers. The feedback we have gotten on the signage has been extremely positive from our bowlers!

Before purchasing Repeat Signage software, we looked at several other signage programs. We found Repeat Signage easy to use interface and specifically the ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files to be very effective in meeting our needs over other signage packages.

We were extremely pleased with the friendly and amazing quick response from Repeat Signage’s support on the very first weekend we looked at the software and downloaded the demo. It was extremely easy to download and install the software package and Repeat Signage is very intuitive and easy to use. Within a short time we had a sample presentation to show team the capabilities of the software.

"An email was sent to Repeat Signage support on a Sunday morning at 2.30am and within two hours we had a response to our questions. They helped us to better understand the scrolling function and the best setting for what we were trying to do. This helped us to thoroughly test Repeat Signage software and to be very confident it was going to fully meet our needs before purchasing. This was a tremendous benefit to us being a non-profit organization. The IS USBC purchased 5 licences.

The world class support continued even after we purchased the software. We had very detailed responses including screenshots where we needed to help us understand. It is always amazing to us that Repeat Software's team take so much interest in our needs and satisfaction. We feel like a valued partner and not just a number in a customer list. We have been extremely pleased with Repeat Signage - customer service has been second to none.

The main use of Repeat Signage is at our Annual Championship Tournament running 10 weekends from February to May in two different bowling centers. We have networked the two bowling centers together. Laptop PC's run Repeat Signage at each center. HDMI splitters and HDMI other Ethernet adapters are used to split the presentation signal for viewing on several TVs within the centre and allows us to place laptops in a back office out of sight of the bowlers."

Article written by Brian K. Nunning, IS USBC BA Technical Manager Indiana State USBC BA
Repeat Signage - IS USBC BA case study

Repeat Software's team are great people to work with

"This is beneficial from a professional look and security standpoint. The data files, mainly Excel and PDF, are on a network attached storage device at each center that allows several different people working different functions of the tournament to update files.

Repeat Signage automatically recognizes updated information and updates the TVs real-time. Having remote access to the network attached storage device allows us to update presentation data remotely.

Repeat Signage's flexibility in reading the different file formats is key allowing us to get the information out to the bowlers quickly and accurately. Repeat Signage's feature of placing multiple and different controls on the screen allows us to advertise upcoming events, share current tournament standings, s croll the bracket and side pot winners and share any important information all in a very professional looking manner on multiple TV's through the bowling center.

Again, the team at Repeat Software are great people to work with. They are very responsive and have a genuine interest in your satisfaction. We proudly placed Repeat Signage logo on our website." Brian K. Nunning, IS USBC BA Technical Manager


IS USBC BA highly recommends Repeat Signage

"IS USBC BA highly recommends Repeat Signage software"
Brian K. Nunning, IS USBC BA Technical Manager

"The advantages of Repeat Signage digital signage software

  • Repeat Signage gives us a very professional looking and technology advanced image to events for bowlers
  • Environmentally friendly. The process before was to print paper copies of everything and tape to the walls. We would literally go through reams of paper a day and 4 to 5 boxes of paper each Open Championship tournament. We would use 4 to 5 toners for our printers plus wear and tear.
  • Cost effective. Potential to realize some cost savings with reduced paper and toner."


Repeat Signage digital signage software
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