HIA displays traveller information on outdoor screens

Repeat Signage at MODAEXPRESS, USA
Picture courtesy of Harrisburg International Airport, Pennsylvania, displaying traveller info on outdoor screens with Repeat Signage software


Harrisburg International Airport displays traveller information with Repeat Signage software

"Here at Harrisburg International Airport we are using the Repeat Signage software to display a service that tracks our shuttle buses. The company DoubleMap provides a live feed Via a web site portal. Unfortunately the map and information was very plain. Then we found Repeat Software Ltd. Their Repeat Signage software allows us to display the site inside of a presentation."

"Using the tools, we were able to place a banner across the top showing our passengers what this map is. We were able to add useful information like the time and date. As well as a personal scrolling message. But most importantly we were able to add text overlays to the map showing people where they are and where our long term parking is. The Repeat Signage software was easy to use and operate. We were able to create a presentation in minutes that looked very high quality and professional."  Justin McNaughton, Information Technology Specialist, Harrisburg International Airport, Central Pennsylvania, USA.

Case study courtesy of Harrisburg International Airport and Repeat Signage software

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