Repeat Signage communication system for schools

Repeat Signage digital signage for schools
Picture courtesy of Merryhill Schools, USA displaying their school activities with Repeat Signage digital signage software


Showcasing your school activities with digital signage software

There are dozens of notice boards on walls throughout schools, hospitals, businesses and public areas. Many of these are used for displaying information for students, staff and visitors, Health and Safety notices, information and events, etc.

A traditional poster is either a printed A4 or A3 piece of paper which has been produced from programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or any of the other word processing or desktop publishing packages. When the information on the printed poster needs changing, you then need to change the information in the software package, reprint and physically swap the posters on the notice board.

Digital signage is about using small and large computer monitors (display screens) to display still and moving digital posters which have different information scheduled at varying times and can be updated from a computer in the building or over the Internet.

A typical set up is a 42” LED screen connected to a computer (which could be a mini PC on the back of a screen cabled to a PC base unit somewhere else, or a slot-in PC that slots into the back of a screen, or a USB computer stick), plus some digital signage software.

A classic example would be a screen in a school reception area or screens in a college library. These can be used to display information on school events such as sports day, drama productions, after school clubs, parent evenings, etc. on part of the screen, and possibly examples of student artwork on another part of the screen.

Scheduling on the screen could be used to display different information at various times of the day. An example would be events information to parents in the morning bringing children to school. This could change mid morning to showcase student artwork, and menus for students and teachers at lunchtime,  sporting activities and school video in the afternoon and more information to parents and students on after-school activities at the end of school day.  Visitor welcome messages and fire alarm test information can be displayed with easily created RSS newsfeeds.

You can updated your information from a computer on the school’s computer network with presentations being sent to the computers/media players attached to the display screens around the building.

Pictures courtesy Repeat Signage and some of their satisfied education customers. Main picture courtesy of Howard Park School, West Yorkshire

Why not use Microsoft PowerPoint instead

Microsoft PowerPoint® does an excellent job of allowing you to design and display presentations. PowerPoint is presentation graphics software and is one of the best presentation graphics packages available.  Digital signage software is different to presentation graphics software.

Download a trial edition of Repeat Signage. So easy to use you can insert your school logo, audio, video, pictures, RSS feeds, clocks, and have a presentation up and running in minutes. You can even display Word documents, spreadsheets, .PDFs and PowerPoint.

Repeat Signage digital signage software
Repeat Signage is in daily use in many schools and colleges throughout the UK and across the US


The advantages of digital signage software

  • Scheduling on an hourly, daily or weekly basis what is displayed on screen
  • Depending on the digital signage software package, allows effects and transitions, the display of documents such as Microsoft Word and Excel, page turning .PDF files, PowerPoint scheduling, built-in spreadsheets and ability to display content from databases.
  • Normally, a choice of where to update your presentations - over the local network, via .FTP or over the Internet form a website or cloud server. Software licenses may be one-time fee or subscription to a cloud server, normally referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Some software packages allow multi-monitor support for video walls to display a single presentation that spans all screens or different presentations on individual screens. Some offer touch screen support for interactive signage.
  • Generally, support for RSS news feeds, for example, to display news from the BBC website or your website or your own news and live video source such as webcams (Check if you need a licence when using third party RSS newsfeeds).