Repeat Signage promotes school activities on display screens

Repeat Signage at Howard Park School
Easy to use, professional, Repeat Signage digital signage software, promotes school activities in reception at Howard Park School


Repeat Signage delivers information to all at West Yorkshire School

SUCCESS STORY: The school was searching for a user-friendly, versatile and innovative platform on which to present key information, data, day to day activity in a clear, attractive and fresh way. Repeat Signage was the perfect solution in meeting all of these hard to meet needs.


Excellent is the only word that should be used to describe the product, customer service, support and attention to detail that Repeat Software provide. It is a pleasure to deal with such professionals! The Repeat Signage digital signage software has provided us with an almost bespoke solution that companies, wanting to charge us thousands, still harass us with.

Article courtesy of Repeat Software Ltd and Howard Park School

Repeat Signage for schools, academies and colleges

Repeat Signage Standard edition digital signage software helps you get your message across to promote your school activities to students, parents, teachers and visitors.  It is easy to use and you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes.  You just need a Windows based PC, a large display screen and Repeat Signage.

To create a presentation you simply insert your school logo, text, pictures, and RSS feeds (we even give you access to a free RSS creator). You can add other media such as clocks, shapes, documents including PowerPoint, spreadsheets, PDFs and webcam.

There are 4,000 icons you can use and you can even create advert templates to generate income for your school by advertising local businesses and services.  One-time licence fee for one computer playing presentations onto one display screen. Media Wall edition also available.

Repeat Signage digital signage software
Simple digital signage software, Repeat Signage lets you share information with students, parents, staff and visitors, keeping them updated on all your latest events


Howard Park School recommends Repeat Signage for displaying information around their school

"I arrived in September 2015 and was eager to relaunch the school with new, fresh branding. This included re-inventing an unloved area into a vibrant and welcoming reception area and included a large presentation space projecting key information to all stakeholders.

Initially we considered the ubiquitous PowerPoint but soon ran into the tedium of predictable transitions and graphics. By luck, good fortune sent Repeat Signage in my schools direction.  Repeat Signage was immediately a joy to use, enabling my staff and me to simply create stunning blue sky thinking and tech savvy presentations that really do make an impact.

We are still exploring new ways of using this software, we really like the RSS feeds, the subtle image transitions and the simplicity of use. We have now extended its use to our Childrens Centre and Playground displays - all different with scheduling allowing real diversity. We could not be happier with the impact of this software; it's provided us with a unique way of presenting information to target audiences in a very stylish manner. We are constantly asked what the solution is; we always have pleasure in recommending Repeat Software." Marcus Newby, Head Teacher, Howard Park School.